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4X-EDC Interior the cabin in the dreamliner during flight LY541 from Tel Aviv to Athens. It was my first flight on 787, I really enjoyed the flight and the experience of flying in a new amazing aircraft. Thanks to all of the aircraft crew for the pleasant flight. (mehr von 4X-EDC)
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OO-JAH A few minutes before landing at CFU, we overflying the Ereikoussa island. (mehr von OO-JAH)
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D-AGWP Due to an incident at HER we had to cancel the approach and divert to Santorini for refueling where we had a nice view on the island (mehr von D-AGWP)
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SX-ATK In new paint scheme after July 2007 (mehr von SX-ATK)
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D-ARFC Can you see the cool airport ? (mehr von D-ARFC)
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SX-BKD I never thought that I would ever see snow at greece (mehr von SX-BKD)
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in Greece, could anyone help please?
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HA-LCX Pilots are watching my photos, but who's flying this bird? :-))) (mehr von HA-LCX)