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EC-JMB "Eloy Fructuoso" is here! The 1.000.000th passenger gives the name to this brand new Vueling aircraft. Now, this company is marketing the 2.000.000th passenger. If give your name is not enough reason, what about five years to fly FREE with "your" aircraft? ;-) (mehr von EC-JMB)
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G-GBTA Mismatched tail: half Saudi-Arabian, and the other half with the flag union tail :-) (mehr von G-GBTA)
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EC-IXE Perhaps due to noise regulations, after take-off from rwy 20, the aircrafts turn sharply to the left, what is a bless for spotters. Obviously, this logo-jet is a good example. (mehr von EC-IXE)
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D-CCCC A lonely Metro parked while the 737 Ryanair was taking-off. (mehr von D-CCCC)