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N3739P It's tough to get a perfect picture when the best light is on the other side of the aircraft. Westjets leased 738. Used for Toronto to Edmonton flights. (mehr von N3739P)
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C-FCWJ I wonder what the WJ in the reg could stand for . (mehr von C-FCWJ)
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C-FJLB Ex-Canada 3000. With all the C3 stripes and logos removed, this aircraft was moved out of the Westjet hangar with almost every door and cover opened. In final preparations for its new owner Air North. (mehr von C-FJLB)
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C-GNWN Happily cruising by after touchdown. Note how fast Edmonton is becoming green. (mehr von C-GNWN)
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N247WF This aircraft brought Stone Cold Steve Austin and other WWF members to Edmonton for an event tonight. What a neat color combo with the red stripes on the bottom of the aircraft. (mehr von N247WF)
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N3740C The all new Westjet/Delta Air Lines hybrid livery. This plane is leased by Westjet from Delta Air Lines for the new YEG-YYZ flights. Powered into a very steep climb by the two CFM56 Series engines. Note the engines are still painted in Delta colors. (mehr von N3740C)
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91-1651 From the Kentucky Air National Guard. I am enjoying all the Military aircraft lately at YEG. As long as Maple flag is on at CFB Cold Lake, we will be swamped with these aircraft. (mehr von 91-1651)
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XV104 My first time ever seeing a VC-10. And what a beautiful aircraft she is! Another guest at YEG during Maple Flag at CFB Cold Lake. (mehr von XV104)
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C-FKWS This aircraft was used on the all new Toronto to Edmonton Westjet flight which started today. I was expecting the new Westjet leased 738 instead of the 73G so I was a bit dissapointed : ( (mehr von C-FKWS)
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PH-MCH Prins Constantijn with an Air Canada 737 making a smoky touchdown behind her! (mehr von PH-MCH)