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N806FT The heat from the huge JT9D engines is melting the snow on the ground resulting in this vapor cloud of heat, water , and mud. Ex-Fed Ex, Flying Tigers. (mehr von N806FT)
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C-GFPW Nice close-up detail. Also, the co-pilot is visible looking down at something. (mehr von C-GFPW)
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C-GETA This pic has some ZIP to it and a little TCA. Hint, there is some light coming from it under the belly of the Dash. (mehr von C-GETA)
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57-2603 With the special "Spirit of 9/11" "Let's Roll" mural under the Captain's window. Mfd in 1957. (mehr von 57-2603)
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N333NB With the pilot facing his left before making a hard turn towards the terminal. (mehr von N333NB)
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C-GGBJ Looks much larger on the ground than in the air (mehr von C-GGBJ)
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C-GUWS How new is this aircraft? She doesn't even have 1000 hrs on her yet. (mehr von C-GUWS)
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C-FZUH 3 birds in perfect order. YEG is a lot busier than I thought. Seen here is AC 767 C-GGBJ, TCA A319 C-FZUH, and ZIP 737 C-GCPP. (mehr von C-FZUH)
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C-GCPP A fresh new paint job for the new Air Canada "ZIP" airline. A new livery is always nice, but this is gorgeous! (mehr von C-GCPP)
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C-FZUH The ironic thing about this photo is, a couple of us were spotting and had just finished talking about this aircraft and how nice the livery is, etc. Then we noticed some lights in the distance landing, and right before our eyes, there she was! (mehr von C-FZUH)
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C-GVWJ It's quite a pleasure to still see some of the -200 series 737's I grew up with at both YXD and YEG here in Edmonton. These Boeings still look new yet they are 25 years of age and up! (mehr von C-GVWJ)
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C-GAQL There is a lot of heat distortion visible on this 28 degree day @ YEG. (mehr von C-GAQL)
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ZZ174 Some huge birds are starting to arrive for the Edmonton International Airshow. (mehr von ZZ174)
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ZD240 Seen with PLH pumping her full of fuel and a landed WJ 737 behind her. I am really impressed with the VC 10. I wish we saw more of them in Canada. (mehr von ZD240)
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N338NB With a fast approaching thunderstorm in the background. Mfd 2002. (mehr von N338NB)
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C-GGTS There was a break at the bottom of the thunderstorm clouds that allowed just enough light from the sunset to line the tail and fuselage of this huge girl with an extra stripe. Note the Westjet 737 touched down in the background. (mehr von C-GGTS)
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N234US Without engines. Actually, if it looks like there are pieces of an engine on the ground next to the right landing gear. (mehr von N234US)
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188720 Seen on Canada Day in the 20th Anniversary Hornet color scheme.
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N208UA Taken one year ago to the day. 09/12/01. This plane is never seen here. The only reason it is here is cause of the tragic events of 911/01. My how time flys! (mehr von N208UA)
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ZD240 Sorry about the dark effect.. Unfortunately, when this bird arrived, I had no control over the weather at the moment. One thing about living in Alberta ,Canada. If you don,t like the weather, wait 20 minutes. (mehr von ZD240)
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G-GKCR With both cargo doors hanging open. Soon these F28's will disappear from YEG : ( (mehr von G-GKCR)
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