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N190FE A view of YEG with the original tower from the sixties. (mehr von N190FE)
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C-GFWB Seen here departing YEG during the Edmonton International Airshow 2002. (mehr von C-GFWB)
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C-GNWN This plane was barrelling down the runway at full speed for liftoff when there was a tire blowout. The pilot then aborted the takeoff. What you see here is the plane being fitted with new tires where she came to rest at the end of the runway. (mehr von C-GNWN)
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C-GJWD A new aircraft in The Air Canada Fleet. This reg# was previously a Wardair Airbus A310. A new aircraft joins the PP.net database. (mehr von C-GJWD)
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C-GACU As the pilots disembark from the aircraft after a perfect landing, they seem to be very captivated by that simple piece of machinery. These are men that can takeoff, fly, and land a complex piece of machinery. I got a good chuckle out of that. Note the Canadian North F28 lifting off just under the wing on the right side of the picture. (mehr von C-GACU)
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