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D-AIFA Two Lufthansa Airbus A340s are getting named, with the names still covered. D-AIFA (left) will be Dorsten, D-AIGZ will be Villingen-Schwenningen (mehr von D-AIFA)
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D-AIGR Another Lufthansa Airbus A340 with a special sticker was D-AIGR which was the 2000th Airbus built (and also the 200th Airbus for LH as well as the 20th A340). As it was delivered in May 1999 just before the new millennium, the sticker read “2000 - Airbus beats the countdown with Lufthansa”. In 2011 the aircraft was sold to the German Air Force as a VIP transport (mehr von D-AIGR)
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D-ABYM The original Yankee Mike is now on display at the Technikmuseum Speyer (mehr von D-ABYM)
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D-AIGW 25th Airbus A340 delivered to Lufthansa with special stickers and a celebration (mehr von D-AIGW)