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ZS-OAP Kulula Europcar Logojet (mehr von ZS-OAP)
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ZS-ZWP another nice color sheme of Kulula. Take a close look - here the plane will be explained to you! (mehr von ZS-ZWP)
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ZS-OTF The "jetsetter" is seen here, resting on the apron of the "old" Durban Int. Airport, which is to be closed on 01 May 2010 in favour of the new airport named "King Shaka". This aircraft has been photographed in a number of different paint schemes, starting with British Airways 1991 as G-DOCC, before being acquired by Comair South Africa in 2002. After it went to South Africa's first low coster Kulula.com,it got this great "jetsetter" paint scheme and had a football nose until recently. This nose has now been replaced by an advert for PUMA (although little "hearts=football" signs are still present on it). (mehr von ZS-OTF)
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ZS-OAM Kulula is South Africa's first low-cost airline and still performing very strong. Every aircraft has a different paint scheme and this example is advertising "Europcar". First flight was in 1989 and it has been with a number of operators, including Air Europe, Dan-Air London, British Airways, Air One and Jerdan Bermuda. I can still recall seeing her in an all-white c/s. (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-NNH Taxing to active (mehr von ZS-NNH)
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ZS-OAM Kulula EUROPCAR Logojet rocketing off runway 03L (mehr von ZS-OAM)
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ZS-OAG Zippy Plane with soccernose for the WM 2010 (mehr von ZS-OAG)
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ZS-OTF Now we have the football nose in South Africa announcing the FIFA Football World Cup in 2010 in this country! Additional "Kulula loves soccer" sticker under cockpit window. (mehr von ZS-OTF)
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