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D-ACNN Boarding is completed for this evening schedule to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNN)
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G-BMRF Receiving a de-icing service before engine startup. (mehr von G-BMRF)
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EC-MIE This Boeing 737 has been flying since 1992. Its operators have been: Air Ukraine/Ukraine International Airlines (UR-GAA, 1992-1995), Mal�v Hungarian Airlines (HA-LEN, 1995-2004), Skynet Asia Airlines (JA737E, 2004-2011), Solaseed Air (JA737E, 2011-2013) and Swiftair (since 2015). Operating the cargo-schedule LNZ-LEJ. (mehr von EC-MIE)
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OE-LGN Evening schedule OS 211 to Dusseldorf Intl. This Dash 8 Turboprop was built in 2010 and is named after the town of Gmunden at lake Traunsee in Upper Austria. (mehr von OE-LGN)
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SU-TMH Charter Jet FEG 3042 bound for Hurghada Intl. on its way to RWY 08 for departure. (mehr von SU-TMH)
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D-AILN Built for Lufthansa in 1997 this Baby-Airbus also flew for Germanwings and Air Malta. Flight LH1250 FRA-LNZ taxiing in after arrival via 08. (mehr von D-AILN)
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G-BMRA Parcel freighter QY 4027 starting its way to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von G-BMRA)
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17-20946 On a nightstop at Linz Airport. (mehr von 17-20946)
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02-05302 On a nightstop at Linz Airport. (mehr von 02-05302)
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15-08184 On a nightstop at Linz Airport. (mehr von 15-08184)
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07-05524 On a nightstop at Linz Airport with an Lufthansa-Embraer-Jet taxiing behind. (mehr von 07-05524)
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OK-SWE The first visit of an Boeing 737 MAX to Linz Airport. This Smartwings flight is powered by Travel Service and is leading to Paphos/Cyprus (TVS3534). (mehr von OK-SWE)
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SU-BTM The first A320 to wear the new painscheme of Air Cairo. Performing the weekly holiday flight SM3396 to Hurghada Intl. (mehr von SU-BTM)
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SP-ENQ Operating charter flight ENT510 to Barcelona-El Prat Intl. on an autmn morning. (mehr von SP-ENQ)
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D-ACND This Regional-Jet was built in 2009 and is named after the city of Meersburg at Lake Constance. Evening flight LH1255 from LNZ to FRA. (mehr von D-ACND)
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D-CITO Visiting Linz on a charter flight from Lannion-Cote de Granit Rose (Bretagne, France). In this picture you can see the aircraft starting its way on ferry flight 8W 101 back to its homebase Ingolstadt/Manching (Germany). Built in 1995 this Dornier 328 Prop is well known for Linz Airport, as it flew for KLM Alps (D-CALP) and Air Alps (OE-LKE) about eighteen years ago. (mehr von D-CITO)
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EC-NAB The last flight of the Small Planet summer holiday leg from Linz to the Aegean Islands is operated by this AlbaStar 737-800 that is still wearing the basic colours of its former owner Meridiana. Ferry flight to Milano-Malpensa Intl. shortly after the sunset. (mehr von EC-NAB)
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OE-LOC Completing flight OE 505 from Palma de Mallorca Intl. with the shadow of a floodlight post separating the cockpit from the rest of the aircraft. (mehr von OE-LOC)
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OK-NFV Summer charter flight OK 6904 to Bol-Brac Island/Croatia shortly before starting its way to the departure runway. Together with its sister aircraft this ATR-Turboprop is celebrating the 95-year-anniversary of CSA (founded in 1923) by wearing special stickers on the rear fuselage. (mehr von OK-NFV)
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D-ACNL Taxiing to the active for departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. with the sunset straight behind. (mehr von D-ACNL)