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D-AEAC Face to face with a very beautiful and elegant long-haul Airbus. (mehr von D-AEAC)
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SU-TMM It was a very cold and foggy night when this beautiful 737 visited Linz in the new colours of FlyEgypt. Seasonal holiday flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. (mehr von SU-TMM)
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D-AEAL Another beautiful heavy cargo airliner visiting Linz Airport on the Leipzig schedule. (mehr von D-AEAL)
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I-ADJK Gliding down RWY 08 on arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as schedule EN 8040. (mehr von I-ADJK)
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D-AIUF The afternoon light is bright and clear as this 2014-built A320 arrives Linz Airport from Frankfurt/Main Intl. as Lufthansa flight LH 1252. (mehr von D-AIUF)
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EC-FTR Bringing the last Christmas presents to Austria in an early and rainy morning. Merry Christmas to everyone! (mehr von EC-FTR)
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OE-LGA The first Dash 8-Q400 of fomer owner Tyrolean Airways resting on the apron to await the next flight to Dusseldorf Intl. Built in 1999 and named after the state of Kaernten (Carinthia). (mehr von OE-LGA)
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I-ADJV Touching down on RWY 08 to complete schedule EN 8040 from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von I-ADJV)
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D-AEAN Engine startup straight before a night flight back home to Leipzig-Halle Intl. This widebody was originally built for Japan Air Systems in 1994 (registrated as JA8564). It also flew under the same registration for Japan Airlines and Japan Airlines Domestic. (mehr von D-AEAN)
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D-ACNC Evening schedule LH1254 'Weil am Rhein' to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACNC)
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SE-RLC Operating the weekly cargo schedules QY4026/7 Leipzig-Linz-Liepzig and QY4852/3 Linz-Ljubljana-Linz for one week instead of the usual DHL 757. Shot taken shortly after arrival to the aircraft's parking position. (mehr von SE-RLC)
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D-ACKF 'Prenzlau' operating the evening schedule LH 1254 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-ACKF)
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TC-JGD Diverted from Salzburg to Linz due to heavy fog. Schedule TK 1382 starting its way back home to Istanbul Intl. (mehr von TC-JGD)
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HB-ALN This beautiful turboprop has already been in service around the world: Its first operator was Air Tahiti/French Polynesia (F-OHJC), followed by Exel Air/Netherlands (PH-XLS), CCM Airlines/Corsica (F-GHNS), Air Deccan/India (VT-ADQ), Solenta Aviation/South Africa (ZS-XCC/C9-SAM/ZS-XCI) and Zimex Aviation. Arrived LNZ from St-Gallen-Altenrhein (flight XM402). Now starting its engines on a ferry flight back to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse/Freiburg Intl. (mehr von HB-ALN)
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F-ORLY arrival as the sun meets the horizon (mehr von F-ORLY)
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OE-LBO One of the first visits of Austrian's new retro jet at Linz Airport. The 'Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen' (a mountain-region in the south of Upper Austria) on its way to Crete-Chania (OS 9069) to complete the leg Vienna-Chania-Graz-Linz-Chania-Vienna. (mehr von OE-LBO)
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ZS-GAL A beautiful Airbus with some bright and golden sunset colours behind. Capture of charter flight CXI 3202 nonstop to Antalya Intl. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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ZS-GAL A late summer charter flight taxiing in after arrival from Antalya Intl. (CXI 3201). ZS-GAL is one out of five Corendon-Jets that wear a special sticker promoting the antique city of Aspendos in Turkey. (mehr von ZS-GAL)
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D-ACNE Schedule LH 1255 on the way to the active for departure to Frankfurt/Main Intl. during the 'Golden Hour' of this late summer day. (mehr von D-ACNE)
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