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SU-TMG Charter flight FEG 3042 to Hurghada Intl. leaving parking position 11 on its way to RWY08 for departure. (mehr von SU-TMG)
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D-AIBJ Flight LH1251 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. lining up on RWY 08. (mehr von D-AIBJ)
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D-ACKH Nice to see a Lufthansa CRJ-900 with the crane-logo on the aircraft's tail. Usually, the airline uses the ex-Eurowings series wearing a "yellow points on blue ground" tail-paintscheme for the Frankfurt schedules bound to Linz. (mehr von D-ACKH)
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D-AECA Departing LNZ for FRA via 26 in some bright evening light conditions. (mehr von D-AECA)
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OE-GOD taxiing out for an evening departure (sorry for the "spotter-friendly" grass) (mehr von OE-GOD)
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G-OOBG De-icing the aircraft before startup. This 757 arrived from Bristol to carry skiing tourists back home to London-Gatwick Intl. (mehr von G-OOBG)
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G-CPEV Preparing for departure to Manchester Intl. This jet was built in 1999 has already seen many operators including British Airways (its first owner), Air 2000, First Choice Airways, Skyservice Airlines and Thomson/TUI Airways. (mehr von G-CPEV)
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16-20891 Resting on the civil apron in some rainy weather conditions. (mehr von 16-20891)
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16-20886 Resting on the civil apron in a foggy an rainy night. (mehr von 16-20886)
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SU-TCE Operating the sunday Hurghada-charter that is usually flown by FlyEgypt (with a Boeing 737-800). (mehr von SU-TCE)
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N539CA What a beautiful aircraft! The colours of this Falcon jetliner even shine despite the bad weather conditions. (mehr von N539CA)
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G-VYGL Now flying in full white colours without any titles. The picture shows this beautiful widebody Airbus starting its flight back home to Manchester Intl. on winter charter flight TOM 2660/1 MAN-LNZ-MAN. (mehr von G-VYGL)
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SU-BPX Evening charter flight MSC 3358 to Marsa Alam/Red Sea via Graz. (mehr von SU-BPX)
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D-AIBH Delivered to Lufthansa in August 2012 this A319 is named after the German city of Herborn. Flight LH 1251 to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von D-AIBH)
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RA-82046 This heavy Antonov freighter arrived from Leipzig the day before and is now preparing for flight VDA 7060 to Bamako-Senou Intl. (Mali, Western Africa). (mehr von RA-82046)