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The control tower of Linz Airport illluminated in warm colours by the first rays of the sunlight. Together with the current passenger terminal this tower was built on the northern site of the runway in the early 1980's.
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HA-FAW Cargo schedule QY 4027, operated by ASL Airlines on that day is ready to taxi bound for Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von HA-FAW)
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TC-JCI Gliding down towards RWY 26. (mehr von TC-JCI)
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D-ABFO Diverted to Linz due to heavy storms at its scheduled destination Vienna-Schwechat Intl. (flight EW 3750 Hannover-Vienna). (mehr von D-ABFO)
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OE-LWF Diverted to Linz due to heavy storms at its scheduled destination Vienna-Schwechat Intl. (flight OS 356 Brussels-Vienna). (mehr von OE-LWF)
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TC-JOV A heavy cargo airliner arriving to Linz on flight TK 6611 from Kyiv-Boryspil Intl. (mehr von TC-JOV)
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9H-TJD One of the newest additions to the fleet of Corendon Airlines Europe (in service since March 2020). Built in 2007 this Boeing 737-800 flew for Hainan Airlines (B-5358) before. Seen at Linz Airport on charter flight CXI 6202 nonstop to Heraklion - N.Kazantzakis / Crete Island. (mehr von 9H-TJD)
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HA-FAY Waiting to be loaded prior to its cargo schedule QY 4027 to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von HA-FAY)
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LZ-CGU Taxiing to its parking position with a partially scrapped Cessna Citation Jet resting in the foreground. Shot of cargo schedule QY 943 Belgrad-Linz-Brussels taken during the last sunrays of the day. (mehr von LZ-CGU)
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TC-JOV Named after river 'Coruh' in Northeastern Turkey. Freight schedule TK 6611 on its way to Istanbul Intl. (mehr von TC-JOV)
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D-ALEO Full-power reverse for the Pratt and Whitney PW2043 engines of this beautiful cargo 757 arriving to Linz from Leipzig-Halle Intl. in the very first sunrays of the day. (mehr von D-ALEO)
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LZ-CGS The cargo-schedule QY 943 from Belgrad-Nikola Tesla Intl. is gliding down towards RWY 26 in some smooth evening light. Built in 1994 this jetliner has already been in service for many airlines, including Pegasus Airlines, Canair, Carnival Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Winair, K2000 Airlines, Oman Air, Air Polonia, Airzena Georgian Airlines and Blue Air. (mehr von LZ-CGS)
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Control tower and terminal of Linz Airport in a bright summer sunset. Currently there is hardly any passenger aviation movement, but mainly cargo flights. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide shutdowns.
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TC-JCI 'Kervan' taxiing in after arrival from Kyiv-Boryspil Intl. as cargo flight TK 6611 (IST-KBP-LNZ-IST). (mehr von TC-JCI)
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TC-LJM The big boy starting its engines to prepare for cargo schedule TK 6327 to Istanbul Intl. (mehr von TC-LJM)
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9H-LZM On final for RWY 26 to perform some Touch-And-Go operations. (mehr von 9H-LZM)