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F-GIXT Built in July 1997 (N35153) this 737 Classic was in service for Air Austral, La Reunion (F-ODZZ) until June 2005. It was then undergone a conversion program to use it as a passenger-jetliner as well as a freighter (note the cargo-door in the front section of the fuselage). Since then it has been re-registered as F-GIXT for its new operator ASL Airlines France which was flying under the name "Europe Airpost" until 2015. Today "X-Ray-Tango" is operating charter flight FPO 320D to Paris-CDG on a very foggy autumn day. (mehr von F-GIXT)
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OY-VEG Resting on the airport's apron with an Air Europa 737 taxiing behind. (mehr von OY-VEG)
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OE-LBS The "Waldviertel" is starting its way on a charter flight to Napoli. (mehr von OE-LBS)
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EC-ISN This 737 is in service for Eurowings and therefore operating the evening schedule EW 6867 to Palma de Mallorca. (mehr von EC-ISN)
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EI-DCL This beautiful jet was built for Ryanair in 2004. Since then it has been wearing a Dreamliner-colourscheme. Finally, I was lucky to catch "Charlie-Lima" in the "new" Boeing-Dreamliner colours on the schedule from Linz to London-STN. (mehr von EI-DCL)
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9A-CQC The last charter flight from Bol-Brac for the already ending summer season 2017. Usually this leg was operated by a CSA ATR-72, but on that day Croatia Airlines brought the last tourists from the Dalmatian island with a stop in Graz. The photo is taken before departure on a ferry flight to Brac. (mehr von 9A-CQC)
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SP-ENL Photo taken after arrival from Pristina/Kosovo as flight ENT 502. (mehr von SP-ENL)
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D-ABFO I love this bright and shining evening light during autumn. Arriving Linz from Palma de Mallorca as one of the last holiday flights for the summer season 2017. (mehr von D-ABFO)
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OK-MFT Holiday flight OK 6904 is leaving Linz for Bol-Brac/Croatia. (mehr von OK-MFT)
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EI-EVI Making its way ahead to runway 08 for departure to London-Stansted. (mehr von EI-EVI)
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D-ACND "Meersburg" (the name of todays Lufthansa CRJ-900 from Frankfurt/Main) is taxiing to parking position 21. (mehr von D-ACND)
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9H-TJG During the summertime this Boeing 737 brought many tourists to sunny Crete Island. As this is the last flight for the season, 9H-TJG is now leaving to Zurich-Kloten instead of Heraklion. (mehr von 9H-TJG)
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LZ-LDN Holiday Jet BUC 2140 on its way to 08 for departure to Burgas at Black Sea Coast. (mehr von LZ-LDN)
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OE-LEE static display at "Tag der Luftfahrt" at Linz Airport (mehr von OE-LEE)