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SP-ENP 'November Papa' on the charter leg ENT 598 from Linz to Yerevan-Zvartnots Intl. Nice to have Enter Air back to Linz Airport! (mehr von SP-ENP)
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9H-LOJ Operating a few flights between Castellon, Linz and Cologne and seen here on its way to depart for Cologne-Adenauer Intl. Airport (MDO 2241). Ex Iberia/Air Nostrum EC-LOJ. (mehr von 9H-LOJ)
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TC-TJS Ex China Southern (B-5133) and DAE Capital (M-ABID) Boeing 737-800 on arrivial from Antalya Intl. as holiday flight XC 6207. (mehr von TC-TJS)
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G-DHKF Night freighter QY 4027 back home to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von G-DHKF)
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D-AGWA Morning schedule EW 9721 to Dusseldorf Intl. (mehr von D-AGWA)
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LZ-LDM The mighty Maddog arriving to LNZ on one of the last charter flights in this summer flightplan - BUC 8639 from Rhodes Island/South Aegean. (mehr von LZ-LDM)
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G-JOTF Ready to taxi to the active on cargo flight ENZ 912 to Birmingham Intl. Built in 1990 (G-BSXL BAe Systems) this little Jumbolino-freighter already flew for Air Foyle (G-TNTK), TNT Airways (OO-JAF) and PAN Air Lineas Aereas/ASL Airlines Spain (EC-MEO) until it entered the fleet of Jota Aviation in 2018. (mehr von G-JOTF)
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UR-82060 Due to the powerful thrust of the six Lotarjow/Progress D-18T engines, the AN-225 took off very early from rwy 26. (mehr von UR-82060)
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4K-SW888 Slowing down on rwy 26. The beacon is clearly visible through the spray blown up by the thrust reverser. (mehr von 4K-SW888)
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OE-FRS Arriving Linz from Groningen-Eelde/The Netherlands. (mehr von OE-FRS)


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G-JOTF The first visit of a BAe 146-300 Freighter to Linz Airport since 1996! Arriving on a ferry flight from London-Bigginhill Airport. (mehr von G-JOTF)
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G-DHKM Ferry flight QY 853P from Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von G-DHKM)
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TC-JOU Touching down on RWY 08 on arrival from Istanbul via Kyiv - Borispil Intl. (TK 6311). (mehr von TC-JOU)
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LZ-LAA Face to face with this beautiful little Airbus. Ex 5B-DBB in service for Eurocypria and Cyprus Airways from 1992 till 2003. Starting its charter leg Linz-Heraklion-Graz-Heraklion-Linz. (mehr von LZ-LAA)
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UR-13395 What a pleasure to see this rare aircraft at Linz Airport. Operating a leg between Linz and Kyiv-Gostomel. (mehr von UR-13395)
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TC-COR Starting its way to the active on the operation of weekly charter flight CX 6208 from Linz to Antalya Intl. (mehr von TC-COR)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1653822 / 22 Aufrufe
OK-MPM Arriving to Linz before operating a flight to Southampton Intl. (mehr von OK-MPM)
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OM-FEX Operating holiday flight XR 6201 from Heraklion N.Kazantzakis Intl. on behalf of Corendon Airlines. (mehr von OM-FEX)