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UR-82027 Heavy Antonov-Freighter seen here departing on ferry flight ADB 316F to Leipzig-Halle Intl. (mehr von UR-82027)
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UR-82029 Awaiting its next flight to Istres-Le Tube/France. (mehr von UR-82029)
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UR-82029 Arrived to Linz Airport from Chengdu-Shuangliu Intl. via Samsun-Carsamba as cargo flight ADB 3113. (mehr von UR-82029)
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TC-VEL Cargo flight TK 6307 starting its way to Istanbul Intl. Built in 1992 this beautiful A310 Airliner has already flown for Aeroflot/Russia (pax, F-OGQT), Emirates Sky Cargo/UAE (A6-EFC) and Kuzu Airlines Cargo/Turkey. (mehr von TC-VEL)
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TC-TJP The last 737 still wearing Corendon's old colour scheme. Seen here on flight CAI 7115 Antalya-Linz-Rostock. (mehr von TC-TJP)
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N919CA Smoky engine-startup for this big beauty in a very cold and windy night. (mehr von N919CA)
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UR-82008 Departing Linz for Leipzig-Halle Intl. as flight ADB 3104. (mehr von UR-82008)
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I-ADJW Delivered in 2009 to Augsburg Airways under the registration D-AEMB. Seen here on schedule EN 8041 LNZ-FRA. (mehr von I-ADJW)


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UR-82007 The big boss slowing down on runway 26 and completing cargo flight ADB 3103 from Tianjin-Binhai Intl. via Kyiv-Gostomel. This heavy freighter was built in 1987. (mehr von UR-82007)
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I-ADJW Entering its parking position after arrival from Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von I-ADJW)
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N745CK Taxiing out to the active for departure to Amsterdam-Schiphol Intl. (mehr von N745CK)
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TC-JOO Arriving LNZ from Kyiv-Borispil Intl. on a bright January evening. (mehr von TC-JOO)
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RA-82074 Taxiing out for departure to Frankfurt-Hahn Intl. as flight VDA 5587. (mehr von RA-82074)
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I-ADJV Star Alliance Jet EN 8041 rotating on the last day of the year, making its way to Frankfurt/Main Intl. (mehr von I-ADJV)
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UR-82060 The biggest aircraft in the world - Mriya ("Dream", first flight in 1988)! It's the fourth visit to Linz Airport of this heavy and loud freighter to Linz Airport. Photo taken shortly before engine startup on a windy morning. Operating positioning flight ADB 348F to Binhai Intl./Tianjin. (mehr von UR-82060)
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RA-82044 Unloading the COVID-19-charges into the trucks that are already waiting next to the cargo aircraft. (mehr von RA-82044)
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TC-JOO Heavy freighter TK 6311 lifting off runway 26 on its way to Istanbul Intl. Note the Antonov An-124 in the background. Ex MASkargo (9M-MUC) and Royal Jordanian Cargo (JY-AIH). (mehr von TC-JOO)
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I-ADJN This Italian Embraer-Jet, named after the opera "Rigoletto di Giuseppe Verdi" was delivered in 2009 and is starting its way to Frankfurt/Main Intl. as schedule EN 8041. (mehr von I-ADJN)
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RA-82044 Showing off the size of her fully deployed landing flaps. Long-haul cargo flight VDA 5580 just arrived nonstop from Chengdu-Shuangliu Intl./China. (mehr von RA-82044)