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VQ-BMS (1600 pix) This cute B747SP bizjet roars towards 20R. (mehr von VQ-BMS)
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VP-BLK This Las Vegas Sands Corporation VIP jet B747SP lifts off from runway 02C bound for Bangkok. (mehr von VP-BLK)
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N388LS stuck at Bangkok since the flood of 2011 this Las Vegas Sands L1011 is facing its fate according to rumours. While the damages from the water are marginal and could be fixed it seems not economical and this L1011 will most likely sit on the DMK ramp for many years before it will be scrapped (mehr von N388LS)
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N789LS MSN 24269 LN 1628 (1988). Subang to Singapore, a short hop for this Las Vegas Sands Corp 737. (mehr von N789LS)
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VQ-BMS Subang to Macau, was a regular in Subang, but now only their 737-300 usually stop over Subang to pick up gamblers. (mehr von VQ-BMS)