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N764BE During the preparations for Operation Desert Storm and the associated US troop transfers via Germany, several Tristars from American Trans Air and Hawaiian, here N764BE, ex-JA8513 of All Nippon Airways, stayed at LTU for maintenance work (mehr von N764BE)
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D-AERC Only a few days after D-AERI burned out in the night of June 28, 1991, D-AERC was introduced into service in an LTU livery adapted to the previous operator Eastern Air Lines. The former Eastern AL titles are still visible as a schadow above the cheatline. (mehr von D-AERC)
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N323EA For the six-month summer season 1988 N323EA was leased from Eastern Air Lines. In contrast to D-AERC, which was also leased from Eastern AL in a similar color scheme only a few weeks after D-AERI burned out in 1991, no entry in the German flight register was made. In December N323EA was delivered to Cathay Pacific as VR-HOG (mehr von N323EA)
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