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N388LS A special, special aircraft and moment for me. I turned up to the airport, to meet my best friend, KC. We drove around and saw this beauty parked. We imagined that possibly, hopefully it would leave at some point in the day. KC had to leave to catch SQ11 to SIN. He wished me luck that I would get this oh so rare frame. When I saw it being towed out for departure, I was over the moon. I never thought that in 2010 I would have a chance to photogaph an L1011 in action. One word : WOW!! [Nikon D3] (mehr von N388LS)
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ZD949 After a very short stay this Tristar using callsign "Marshall 4B" is seen departing runway 23R. (mehr von ZD949)
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ZD951 Final approach to RWY 27L (Canon EOS 7D / EF 70-200 IS USM) (mehr von ZD951)
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