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A6-EHJ My 1000th picture in database. Is there any better matching shot than this for this jubilee? The most beautiful Airbus A340-600 on earth seen here having just touched down runway 26L after the journey from Abu Dhabi. Thanks to the pp.net-team for 1000 accepts! (mehr von A6-EHJ)
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ES-AEB Also part of the aviation history already... Air Lithuania (seen here operating with an Estonian Air plane) has ceases operations on 22 May, 2015. This aircrafts is flying for Austrian Airlines under a leasing agreement between OV and OS. (mehr von ES-AEB)
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HZ-AKB Long time no see, mate! Great to see a Saudia plane back in MUC, after having suspended operations quite a while ago. Seen here on a VIP flight to Jeddah, however. (mehr von HZ-AKB)
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TF-FIU Awesome paintscheme! ICE532 has just arrived from ReykjavŪk... (mehr von TF-FIU)
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YR-LCA TAROM surprisingly upgraded the evening flight from Bucharest! We usually catch sight of an Boeing 737 but yesterday we were finally able to click the 24 years old "Transilvania" at MUC. What a lovely old lady! (mehr von YR-LCA)
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Absolutely rare shot! They usually aren't being pushed all together at the same time facing south-east. Taken from the ATC control tower MUC.
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View out of the ATC control tower MUC
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