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N271AY Leaving Philly in good evening light towards Europe! (mehr von N271AY)
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69-6580 Classic Hercules-flightdeck, so nice! (mehr von 69-6580)
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N732US Being pushed back to another domestic-flight with the US Capitol in the background. What a nice view! (mehr von N732US)
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64-0626 A view throughout the whole old Starlifter, now displayed at Dover Airport. What a good old lady! (mehr von 64-0626)
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N820MD Small Embraer-jet is taxiing into the stand after landing while the competitor and the flag-carrier are already about to leave the capital city of the U.S.! You can clearly see the United States Capitol in the background! (mehr von N820MD)
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73-1682 Some minutes after a big thunderstorm sun was timidly back... Time to marvel at the good old DC-9 - perfect! (mehr von 73-1682)
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Rotated perfectly, spending us a wonderful view down onto a busy terminal 5 with many Speedbird-Heavies on the dock as we are departing to Berlin-Tegel on board of G-EUXJ... Note the Emirates B777-300 having just arrived from Dubai.
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G-CIVY The 18 years old lady looking so good from the first row! Permission okay, and thanks to the very friendly crew! (mehr von G-CIVY)
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Overviewing the spotting point as N803NW is approaching JFK's runway 13L.
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G-CIVY Approaching New York JFK during sunset. The airport is already visible under the wing! (mehr von G-CIVY)
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Leaving Luxebourg Airport during the noon towards LHR on board G-EUUN.