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JA873A The new logojet "R2-D2" gracing our skies beginning another late night Far East journey toward Tokyo where it arrived a little under 11 hours later. (mehr von JA873A)
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EZ-A777 Arrived from New York in the morning, brought guests from the UN Week 2015 who had taken part on further talks here in Munich about female rights. (mehr von EZ-A777)
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4270 Very rare visitor being parked up on the ramp. This one and a few more Arabian Gov-planes visited Munich for talks about female rights in their countries this day. (mehr von 4270)
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RA-65717 What a joy to see this very hard to catch Aeroflot Tu-134A with sunlight during our line-up to Munich. RA-65717 was built in 1981 and flew for Aeroflot 27 years and never changed the company. A faithful Soviet-Jet of Aeroflot found its perish at Riga Airport, where it is displayed at an aviation museum near the terminal. (mehr von RA-65717)
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YL-BBI Taxiing out for departure to Munich on airBaltic 223. (mehr von YL-BBI)
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5N-FGT Very rare guest seen here decelerating after non-stop flight from Abuja as NGR001. (mehr von 5N-FGT)