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F-GSTD Coming into land on 14R in the very last light this day. (mehr von F-GSTD)
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OK-HCB Canceled. The aircraft seems to be broken, the flight to TFS was canceled. (mehr von OK-HCB)
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G-FDZB You can still see the "Sunwing Airlines"-titels... (mehr von G-FDZB)
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A6-EHC Starting up the engines for a mega long haul flight to south america! (mehr von A6-EHC)
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G-JMAA First shot with the sunny-heart on the tail. Arriving from Gatwick as "Kestrel 1014". (mehr von G-JMAA)
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HZ-AS17 Great evening light for "Saudi 572" arriving from Jeddah. (mehr von HZ-AS17)
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Take-offs @ runway 15 offers an awesome view onto the "old" airport of Doha. Can anybody find the Qatar Amiri Globemaster C-17? :P Dohas skyline can be seen in distance as well!
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9K-ALA Bulky lady seen here on her last meters as "Kuwaiti 671" from Kuwait City. (mehr von 9K-ALA)
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A7-CJB Last light for QTR1050 having just arrived on 31R from Doha. (mehr von A7-CJB)
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B-18721 Next stop: Luxembourg. The daily China-Frighter from Hanoi leaves for another cargo-mission into europe. (mehr von B-18721)
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A6-EYA Another foreigner flying under UAE-reg. Kuala Lumpur calling! (mehr von A6-EYA)
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A6-EYZ Taxiing for take-off, destined for Amman. Yankee Zulu usually operates between Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong respectively Victoria (SEZ) but occasionally operating flights within the middle east as well. (mehr von A6-EYZ)
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D-AEAB Just came into land from Karachi, Pakistan. First photograph in database. Ex.: A6-HAZ (mehr von D-AEAB)
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D-ASXG All 189 seats were sold on MUC-FUE that day... Ex.: TC-SUH (mehr von D-ASXG)
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Overview of Doha's new International Airport which opened up few days ago. This is Hamad International Airport which was meant to open back in 2009 but the date of opening was postponed quite a lot times after a series of costly delays. Photo taken during banking after departure out of Doha's "old" airport enroute to Munich.