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D-HNWO Today the Police Helicopter Unit NRW ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) had there annual water-rescue training on the Rhine-River. This was the second and last training day, when two MBB BKK-117 in cooperation with Police Divers were training a so called "Kufenrettung" which is a rescue with the skids, and the helicopter entering the water when approching the diver or the person who will be rescued! It was the first time I could myself witness this kind of rescue, and I pay my deep respect all aircrews and even the police divers for there great professionalism - well done guys! (mehr von D-HNWO)
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D-HMUS Rare to see a BK-117 based at "Christoph Europa 1" station. This one replaced the usual EC-135 for some days. (mehr von D-HMUS)


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D-HDDD very rar visitor in Muenster - Christoph Weser - based at Bremen airport, BRE (mehr von D-HDDD)
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D-HSMA c/n 7073. Shot with 38mm at 10:17 a.m. (mehr von D-HSMA)
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