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XA-RKA Tecuala is both a municipality and a town in the Mexican state of Nayarit. "Tecuala" is the Castilian form of the Tecuallan word, which means "place of many wild animals". (mehr von XA-RKA)
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XA-KWK This B757 was re-registered XA-KWK the initials of the real name of Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojty≥a Kaczorowska, during his third visit to Mexico (mehr von XA-KWK)
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XA-TGJ TGJ is wearing another tail design. Compare it with XA-SSW March 98, and XA-TBX November 97 designs and see the difference. This bird motif was applied in XA-SSW in 1994 and Aerocozumel F27ís back in 1992. (mehr von XA-TGJ)
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XA-SGE Huitzilihuitl meaning ďhummingbird featherĒ was the second supreme ruler of Tenochtitlan. He was, a good politician, continued the policies of his father, seeking alliances with his neighbors. During his reign, the weaving industry grew. It provided cotton cloth. The Mexicas no longer had to dress in coarse fibers, but were able to change to soft dyed cotton. (mehr von XA-SGE)
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N441LF Sometimes also known as Mexico - Tenochtitlan, was a city state located on an island in lake Texcoco, in the Valley of Mexico. Founded in 1325, it became the capital of the expanding Aztec empire in the 15th century, until captured by the Spanish in 1521. At its peak, it was the largest city in the Pre-Columbian New World. (mehr von N441LF)
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XA-RJL This aircraft was delivered from Mexico city via Tampico, New Orleans, Washington, Gander, Reykjavik, Shannon, Madrid and then to Africa (mehr von XA-RJL)
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XA-SHI Nezahualcoyotl meaning "Coyote who Fasts" was a philosopher, warrior, architect, poet and ruler of the city-state of Texcoco in pre-Columbian Mexico. (mehr von XA-SHI)
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XA-MEE Temoaya a town located 11 miles fromToluca . It is known for its large ethnic Otomi population, the Centro Ceremonial OtomŪ and its tradition of making Persian style rugs using Mexican designs. This is what we can see in this tail design. (mehr von XA-MEE)
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N225RX Atlixcayotl is the name of a cultural festival that is realized in the hill of San Miguel, in the municipality of Atlixco ( Puebla ) the last week of September. The name Atlixcayotl around the celebration of San Miguel ArcŠngel is of origin Nahuatl and means great Atlixquense tradition . (mehr von N225RX)