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N787AL note the Skylease Cargo Boeing 747 on approach for rwy 08L in background. (mehr von N787AL)
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HC-AZH Seen here in typical scenery in the cargo area next to the famous corrosion corner. HC-AZH was the last surviving Canadair CC-106 Yukon, a Bristol Britannia derivate built by Canadair for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Announced plans in 2005 to restore her for the RCAF Memorial Museum sadly failed and she was scrapped at Cuenca in 2010 (mehr von HC-AZH)
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N46AF This B.737-100, which was already delivered to Air Florida in October 1979, still had the livery of the previous owner Singapore Airlines, ex 9V-BFD, in the late summer of 1980 (mehr von N46AF)
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N63NA Even if you cannot see it yet, at the time this photo was taken, National AL was already history through its merger with Pan Am. Until the final withdrawal in 2001, N63NA was also in service with American AL and Hawaiian AL as N148AA (mehr von N63NA)
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9V-BBE Freshly painted and just delivered from Singapore to Miami, still registered as 9V-BBE, the fourth of five Baby-B.737 ex-Singapore AL in the maintenance area of Air Florida, became reg. N47AF (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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N822E A classic airliner, originally built for and operated first as a DC-8-61 by Delta AL, N822E was modified to DC-8-71 standard with CFM56 engines in June 1982 and converted again, now into a freighter for UPS in July 1988 (mehr von N822E)
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N704SW Delivered new in September 1979 and being the last of a total of 4 cargo jumbos built for and operated by Seaboard World, N704SW and sistership N703SW operated also freight services for Viasa. In October 1980 Seaboard World was bought by Flying Tigers, which gave them access to the North Atlantic routes (mehr von N704SW)


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XA-DUH Castillo de Chapultepec was in service with Aeromexico for 21 years, later, after an two-year intermezzo with Laker AW, XA-DUH was converted into a freighter in 1999 and operated by Cielos del Peru and most recently Transportes Aereos Bolivianos since 2008 (mehr von XA-DUH)
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6Y-JAI Scan from slide. One of the most iconic paint schemes, gone for so long now (mehr von 6Y-JAI)
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PP-CLB Servicos Aereos Cruzeiro do Sul, better known as Cruzeiro do Sul, was founded in 1927 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Luft Hansa. On January 1, 1993 Cruzeiro do Sul was dissolved and fully integrated into Varig. PP-CLB already was sold to JAS Japan Air System in spring 1989 and reappeared in Europe 2003 in the JAS color scheme with Fly Air as TC-FLG (mehr von PP-CLB)
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N1807 Braniff was the epitome of colorful and creative painting schemes. Here in the chocolate brown ultra colors. The planes rightly carried the additional “Flying Colors” inscription at times, not just from the point of view of all spotters. The uniforms of the flying staff also reflected the style of the flower power era in the 70s and early 80s (mehr von N1807)
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HC-BGP This Cargo B.707 was in service with Ecuatoriana from 1979 until 1994. Ecuatoriana was one of the most colorful airlines in South America. The liveries on the airline's Boeing 707s and Boeing 720s were unique and legendary (mehr von HC-BGP)
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