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3402 recently added, Santa Lucia AF Base, MMSM (mehr von 3402)
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2205 c/n LJ-1171. King Air 2201, 2202, 2203, 2204 and 2205 are ready to fly on the 183th anniversary of Mexico's Independence. (mehr von 2205)
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ETM 6042 This aircraft was leased to Mexicana as XA-CMA and painted in full colours. Later became FAM UNO
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3505 The Mexican Air Force applied this special decals for the 2011 Guadalajara Panamerican Games (mehr von 3505)
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4506 This picture was taken just a few minutes before the military parade of the 199th Anniversary of Mexico's Independence (mehr von 4506)
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ETP10024 On May 4th, 1991 a federal police aircraft intercepted this DC6, 100 m.n. from Acapulco. The Colombian plane from Aerosol at the time of the interception threw 2.5 tons of cocaine into the ocean. 15 people were arrested and the DC6 impounded (mehr von ETP10024)
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10507 Both caravelles, 10506 and 1057 saved from destruction. They were sold to a water park (mehr von 10507)
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10506 This caravelle and 10507 remained in Santa Lucia for several years, before being sold to a water park
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N301SF This DC3 was impounded by the Mexican authorities for alleged drug offenses (mehr von N301SF)
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3504 c/n 18909. Is NOT in MEX , it was taken on Santa Lucía AFB (location +/- 70km N of México City). Paper Print. Thanks so much to Lt. R. M. great visist to Santa Lucía AFB. (mehr von 3504)
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3615 Recent acquisition from England (ex- RAF), Nikon N75 paper print & slide Fujichrome SENSIA 100.
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10018 It was resting its days in this apron, later this mid-2006 it restored to give the welcome to Air base visitors; no longer flying but a good fate.Nikon N75 paper print