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HA-LTC Diverted from Tenerife Sur Airport by wind (mehr von HA-LTC)
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T.22-1 The Kings come to Tenerife South, on the occasion of an official visit after the end of the pandemic, to discuss issues of tourist and agricultural interest. (mehr von T.22-1)
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EC-MKL On March 20 he made the MAD-TFN flight; as UX9048 and, after the mandatory stop due to confinement, (COVID 19) remained stationed at the Tenerife Norte airport until June 11 when it made the TFN-MAD flight, as AEA773 and on June 12, it made the MAD flight -TFS, like AEA774, where it remains parked as seen in this photo. It seems that normality is returning to the air sector, although slowly.- (mehr von EC-MKL)
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EC-KCL Approach to track 12 of Tenerife North, in a spectacular sunset with friends Ayoze Santana and others. (mehr von EC-KCL)
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B-2482 For over seven years, the President of China was not coming to Tenerife for an official visit (mehr von B-2482)
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EI-FYI Since March 12, 2019, this IBK B38M has remained parked on the platform of the Tenerife South airport, due to the already known circumstances. Here we see you a few hours away from this airport to L�rida Alguaire, (ILD-LEDA), flight number IBK9HU (mehr von EI-FYI)