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G-HITT Little view on the Rolls Royce Merlin engine. Flew in 253 Squadron from RAF Kenley, P3717 was damaged by German fighters over Redhill on 30 August 1940. The Hurricane was rebuilt by Hawkers as a IIa for service with the Sovjet airforces. (mehr von G-HITT)
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G-ROBT was built in 1939! Was piloted by Pilot Officer Kenneth McGlashan. Provided cover over Dunkirk, he engaged and was hit by a Messerschmitt 109. The badly injured pilot managed to bring the damaged aircraft down to crash land on a beach in Dunkirk, where it remained until recovered by French enthusiasts in 1988. (mehr von G-ROBT)
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G-CGZP This P-40F is one of only two left airworthy anywhere in the world! (mehr von G-CGZP)
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G-RUMW in the markings of 846 Squadron aboard the carrier HMS Tracker in the summer of 1944. (mehr von G-RUMW)
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G-LFVC in the markings of 249 Squadron at RAF Takali, Malta, flown by F/Sgt John 'Jack' Hughes, in 1943. (mehr von G-LFVC)