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N220AU ex orbis DC-10. Meanwhile replaced by a former FedEx MD-10. (mehr von N220AU)
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N220AU meanwhile replaced by a former FedEx MD-10 N330AU (mehr von N220AU)
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N557FE delivered to American Airlines in 1972 as N125AA. Seen here together with ex Japan Airlines DC10-40 JA8549 (now N858V) (mehr von N557FE)
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TC-JAY Former "Izmir" in the colours of Turkish AL subsidiary Bogazici. A total of six aircraft, two Boeing 727-200, two Boeing 707-320C and two DC-10-10 were operated by this company from 1988 until 1990. (mehr von TC-JAY)
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TC-JAY "Izmir" carried this colourscheme from delivery in 1973, although in the first years with silver bottom, until her lease to Bogazici AT in 1987. TC-JAY was sold to FedEx as N68059, converted to DC-10-10F freighter standard in 1991, named "Mary Rea" and undergoing MDF modification at Naples during 2008. Today she is stored at Victorville, California. (mehr von TC-JAY)