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LZ-DEO ready for departure back to Sofia (mehr von LZ-DEO)
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LZ-LDM Originally built in 1995 for Alitalia (I-DATK). Seen here on morning charter flight BUC 8740 to Heraklion-N. Kazantzakis Intl./Crete Island. (mehr von LZ-LDM)
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LZ-LDM The mighty Maddog arriving to LNZ on one of the last charter flights in this summer flightplan - BUC 8639 from Rhodes Island/South Aegean. (mehr von LZ-LDM)
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LZ-DEO Arriving from Pristina as VBB7205. Nice to see this one occasionally in Basel during that summer. (mehr von LZ-DEO)


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LZ-LDJ Nice to have the Maddog back to Linz Airport. Replacing the Airbus A320 LZ-LAA to operate several holiday flights to Greece for the last weeks of this summer season. Evening arrival on flight BUC 8639 from Rhodes Island. (mehr von LZ-LDJ)
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LZ-LDJ Nice to have the Maddog back to Linz. in this summer season European Air Charter is operating holiday flights from Linz and Graz to the greek islands Crete/Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kos and Karpathos. (mehr von LZ-LDJ)
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LZ-LDN now with "European Air Charter" titels, fiendly Pilot (mehr von LZ-LDN)
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