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HB-IUG c/n 53149 l/n 1817. Built in 1991 and delivered to Swissair (mehr von HB-IUG)
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N868GA the only one in new cls with additional titles that I saw (mehr von N868GA)
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EC-EOM In 1988, the Spanish Oasis Hotels group took over Andalus Air, originally founded in 1986, and renamed it Oasis International Airlines. With leased DC-9-83, later also with the A310-300 in cooperation with the Mexican Aerocancun and the US Private Jet Expeditions, destinations in Europe and in the Carribean were served (mehr von EC-EOM)


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N416NV Scan from slide. Iconic Las Vegas Airport perspective (mehr von N416NV)
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N583MD Scan from slide. Additional Travel sticker (mehr von N583MD)
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EC-FXA c/n 49938 l/n 1785. Built in 1990 and delivered to La Tur Charter as XA-RKT. Ex Transwede as SE-DPU. "Sunstar" (mehr von EC-FXA)
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EC-FTU c/n 49672 l/n 1494. Built in 1988. Ex EC-EJQ. "Sunshine" (mehr von EC-FTU)