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LN-ROU Approaching Rwy 07R on a hot summer's day. Snowflake was a low-cost affiliate of SAS, active just one and a half years in 2003 and 2004. LN-ROU was seen on a regular SAS flight however, almost two years after Snowflake was turned into a brand for discounted tickets. (mehr von LN-ROU)
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SE-RJP Ex.I-DAWS & 9A-CDM Used for ground training in deicing, smoke evacuation or pushback! (mehr von SE-RJP)
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YU-ANG leased November 1989 until November 1990 from Adria Airways. Aircraft operated also for Aero Lloyd from 1994 until 1996 as D-ALLS and finally as N923TW for TWA and American AL, retired at Roswell, New Mexiko in 2003. (mehr von YU-ANG)
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