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N226 This DC-3 was impounded in the Bahamas about a year later. (mehr von N226)
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N200MF The first of 3 DC-3's with this registration. It crashed after take-off at Exuma, Bahamas on 3/2/1998 due to double engine failure. (mehr von N200MF)
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G-BOAD joint operation with British Airways. The other side was painted in British Airways colours. (mehr von G-BOAD)
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N86U that is what N86U looked like after its re-assembly and before being painted into Austrian Airlines colours in June 1997. This DC-3 is still preserved at Salzburg in 2013. (mehr von N86U)
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N86U being re-assembled after arriving by road from Wiener Neustadt the day before. Still missing its engines and empennage. (mehr von N86U)
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CF-TIJ only 10 months later this aircraft caught fire during refueling at Toronto and was destroyed. First picture on the Internet! (mehr von CF-TIJ)
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JA8063 stored in primer prior delivery. Rather strange looking. (mehr von JA8063)
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G-BNWZ showing off her elegant "Landor" colour scheme in beautiful summer evening light (mehr von G-BNWZ)


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N323EA on lease from Eastern Airlines. This aircraft was also leased to LTU in summer 1988. (mehr von N323EA)
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HZ-NAA not many pictures of that one on the Internet (mehr von HZ-NAA)
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YR-BCM The noisy beginnings of the jet-age at Lauda Air... (mehr von YR-BCM)
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SE-BDH Now this is a really old one! Where all the people are and the cars are parked there is the Terminal building today. The occasion was the christening of Austrian Airlines Caravelle OE-LCI to the name "Salzburg" on that day. Taken by the then chief of ATC Fritz Heusch, who luckily took colour slides already in the early 60's, which was quite uncommon. (mehr von SE-BDH)
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HZ-AMK this One-Eleven served different owners as a corporate jet all of its life (mehr von HZ-AMK)
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