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A7-AFM After a beautifull and clear morning, the skies became terribly gray. When this plane, to pick up the cyclists for the 'Tour of Qatar' would have been on time, and not 1 hour late, it would have arrived in much better conditions. Too bad... (mehr von A7-AFM)
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PH-MCL This one landed in the first minutes that the wintersun appeared above the horizon, at 8.52am. Nice effect though. (mehr von PH-MCL)
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A6-EYD This was exactly the shot I was hoping for. The sun made it very difficult, but she popped out on the moment I needed her the most. Take-off from 07R. (mehr von A6-EYD)
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ZE700 The new highlight of the day, because the Excel B767 arrived on 02 around noon, so impossible to make decent picture of it. But this one makes the pain a lot lighter. Landing on 25L. (mehr von ZE700)
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It wasn't easy to push the button on the right moment, but I think it worked out quite well. Landing on 25L in a beautifull sunset.
Email Autor Korrektur ID #415384 / 135 Aufrufe
More than 4 hrs late. Landing on 25L in poor weather conditions.
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A6-EYA What a great landing. Too bad the sun was absolutely missing at that moment. Better luck next time. (mehr von A6-EYA)
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CS-TGU Very nice visitor with the Portugese president 'Sampaio' onboard for a 'state visit'. I suffered a lot to make this picture, because it was very cold with hard winds. Landing on 02. (mehr von CS-TGU)
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165350 Very nice surprise to have this one here, certainly when they come in on 25L.
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S5-AAH Landing on 25L in the early morning, with the first rays of sun on it. (mehr von S5-AAH)
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Not so easy to take a very sharp picture with the very early morning light, but the conditions were more than perfect. Landing on 25L, about five minutes after sunrise.
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EI-DEI Minutes before landing on 18R (Polderbaan) after a flight from Cork. (mehr von EI-DEI)
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Nice view of the Irish landscape before landing at Cork, after a flight from Amsterdam. Taken from seat 2A.
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EI-DEI In flight between Cork and Amsterdam. Nice sunrise somewhere over the UK. (mehr von EI-DEI)