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N140SC On this day, this TriStar named "Stargazer" took off on runway 03L, the mission was to place in orbit the mini-satellite OrbView-1 Imaging Satellite. The rocket below is a Pegassus. (mehr von N140SC)
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N140SC "Stargazer". Orbital Science Corp's Pegasus air-launched rocket carrier. (mehr von N140SC)
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N140SC Nice scenery because of a big fire on a hill nearby (mehr von N140SC)
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N140SC Orbital L-1011-100 rolled out after 'C' check at GAMCO (mehr von N140SC)


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N140SC The 'Stargazer' equipped for rocket or satellite launching parked close to Vandenberg AFB Tower. Please note the launcher down at the belly. (mehr von N140SC)
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N140SC c/n 1067 this bird is active - the engines in front are not from these L1011 ! First shot on database ! (mehr von N140SC)