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N740WA Taxiing via Taxiway Q. I like this position. (mehr von N740WA)
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N740WA c/n 25700 sub-charter for MK Airlines, arriving just after sunset (mehr von N740WA)
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N740WA c/n 25700. ex 9M-MPC. Built 1993. Photo taken in the last light of the day. (mehr von N740WA)
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N740WA Due to a major electrical failure in the fueling system, the crossfeed valve didn't open during refuelling, which caused 45 tons (!!!) of fuel being pumped into the left wing only. Engine nr.2 was so close to the ground, that I wouldn't put my foot under it. Slats and flaps are fully deployed by the mechanic to check if the plane has suffered any structural damage. They consulted with Boeing mechanics and they found no irregulariries. When I left hours later, they had still no solution for the fuel-problem. (mehr von N740WA)