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JA8768 It can not be helped that there is unreasonable in image quality. It is a valuable photo. (mehr von JA8768)
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PP-CTI Ex: Cruzeiro do Sul PP-CTI / Crash in 04/29/1977 during the final approach in Navegantes, with low visibility due to dense fog. He arrived in Florian�polis on November 10, 1986 from Tubar�o / SC where he was reassembled with parts of another plane crashed in Joinville and was inaugurated as Aero Flop Pizzaria on December 1, 1986 where it remained until mid-1993 when the land was sold and the aircraft was again disassembled and transferred to the border of the expressway connecting the BR-101 Florian�polis near the Shopping Center Itagua�u. Already practically reassembled, it was caught by a strong wind that almost made it take off. In mid 1995 he was transferred to Tijucas / SC where he still stands next to a fuel station on the banks of BR-101 (mehr von PP-CTI)
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JA8611 displayed at Museum of Aeronautical Sciences in Tokyo Narita (mehr von JA8611)
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P4-YSD c/n 2007 de-registered 09 July 1993 (mehr von P4-YSD)
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JA8611 narita museum of aeronautical sciences (mehr von JA8611)
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JA8611 The first prototype of YS-11, displayed at Museum of Aeronautical Sciences in Tokyo Narita. (mehr von JA8611)
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RP-C3591 Was supposed to start new Mindanao services between Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro, but stopped after only one or two flights. Aircraft now stored. (mehr von RP-C3591)
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RP-C2252 Currently the only active YS-11 in the Philippines. (mehr von RP-C2252)
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PJ-WIK That's incredible. The SXM's dream is in every place where you walk. This aircraft now is a restaurant in the center city of Philipsburg. "Restaurant Air Lekkerbek" (mehr von PJ-WIK)