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OY-VKO For all persons on that photo permission is OK. Both of them are PP photographers and members of Airborn Club (The first ever Aviation Enthusiasts official Greek club). At the front you can see how Natalia Anemodoura is filming the departure. Note the “equipment” she uses to protect her eyes from the blast! At the end you can see also Apostolos Chatzidimou before the “Full thrust”…. (mehr von OY-VKO)
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OY-VKO No, no the quality is not due haze. It’s just the hot jetblast from the engines during take-off roll! At the photo is Apostolos Chatzidimou (PP photographer, permission ok) trying to stay alive… That is one of the pictures of “Airborn Club” members in action. We’ve been at Skiathos for 4 times that summer in order to perform our training for the upcoming trip to St. Maarten. With the permission of the screeners hope to enjoy it! More interesting will follow. (mehr von OY-VKO)
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OY-VKO Tha A320 is taxing for back track on runway 02 between the jetblast warning signs. (mehr von OY-VKO)
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