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79-10783 Please look closely, this is another first for This is the only known F-117 Stealth Fighter operating in an all grey low-visibility colourscheme instead of the usual black colours! This aircraft is the 4th fully hand made prototype and was mainly used for RCS work in the past. It is operated by the 410th FLTS at Plant 42 Palmdale, the Skunk Works. This 'Dagger' flight is seen turning short final for RWY 22. (mehr von 79-10783)
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79-10784 A black (79-10784) and a grey (79-10783) Nighthawk on a formation approach into Palmdale. Both are operated by the 412th Test Wing, 410th FTS at Palmdale. (mehr von 79-10784)
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61-0320 The first KC-135R I have ever seen painted in this white and grey colour scheme. Aircraft is based at Edwards AFB and operated by the 412th Test Wing, I guess, there have already been many interesting aircrafts at its refueling boom. (mehr von 61-0320)
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80-1067 (WR) This very interesting U-2S is permanently assigned to flight test duties at Palmdale, it carries 'WR' tailcode (first in database) as USAF's U-2 program management is based at Warner-Robins AFB, GA. Please note the golden coated areas beneath the wing, does anybody know what these are for? A longer nose as usual and an array of antenna have been fitted to the aircraft as well (mehr von 80-1067)
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N905NA Although the NASA Space Shuttles are not yet cleared to fly again, their carrier aircraft took off at Edwards AFB this morning and came in for a few approaches at PMD. (mehr von N905NA)
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N817NA The rarely seen and heavily modified DC-8-72 of the Dryden Flight Research Center is seen on short final for RWY 22. It operated a test flight out of Edwards AFB and came in for a few approaches, I was quite happy to be here! (mehr von N817NA)
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63-8182 (LB) Displayed at the airpark of the AF Plant 42 in Palmdale. They are still building it (check the pink poles) but soon be finished. They are going to have up to 60 airplanes displayed. (mehr von 63-8182)
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N905NA is doing practice approaches on a wet and grey day. (mehr von N905NA)