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N707CV c/n 31T-8104013. ex N2399X, (N707JT), N2399X, N200HV and N212GM. (mehr von N707CV)
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N5800Z c/n 2047. Built in 1982. The super puma in action with hevy load. (mehr von N5800Z)
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N5841Z c/n 0135FF. Built in 1999. Landing 1 mile north of the airport for fueling. This helicopter is overflying the electric lines around the island. (mehr von N5841Z)
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N903DP Another corporate flight arived from La Romana. This aircraft operate has a corporate shuttle for "Power Parts Corp." (mehr von N903DP)
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N780T operate cargo flights for UPS to San Juan (fine pix 3800) (mehr von N780T)
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N510EA the first commercial jet flight from PSE to EWR (mehr von N510EA)