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G-EUOD Very nice overview of Terminals 1 and 2. Can you find the Concorde? (mehr von G-EUOD)
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G-YMMJ OK, let's see what the Flight Information Display has to tell us: Flight BA116 on 10th July from KJFK to EGLL. Doors closed at 01:44 (all times UTC), offblock at 01:47, takeoff at 02:27, landing at 08:45 and onblock at 08:59. Total block time: 07:11h. On the paper below you can read, why the flight was late: Late/Missing passenger. Departure fuel 49900 kilos and arrival fuel 6500 kilos. Leading pilot was the first officer. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Btw, this is my 100th pic at planepictures.net! Time to get some feedback from you, folks. I hope you liked my work so far, although it's not always the best quality. I appreciate every comment on my pics and lots of tips how to improve my work. (mehr von G-YMMJ)
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G-YMMJ On approach to LHR. (mehr von G-YMMJ)
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G-YMMJ Enroute JFK-LHR as BA116. Picture was taken from World Traveller Plus class ... thanks BA for the upgrade. (mehr von G-YMMJ)
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B-18710 Ex China Air Cargo, now active with Dragonair. Nice livery btw ... (mehr von B-18710)
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SX-DFD This aircraft ran with it's winglets into the back of LTU's D-ALPE at JFK 2 days later. (mehr von SX-DFD)