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N548AS Wingleted next gen 737 wearing another special scheme on the rise from rwy 16L in magnificent blue sky. (mehr von N548AS)
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HB-JMJ Very special color scheme on final for one of the 28's. (mehr von HB-JMJ)
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VH-OQA The morning fog was just breaking off and some humidity caused this beautiful halo while this super jumbo (flight QFA11) roared out off the skies at 9:32 sharp. A big THANK YOU to my friend Paul Paulsen for giving me the flight information, the timing and so much more... (mehr von VH-OQA)
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N425QX Final rwy 16L. If the weather was suddenly not colourful anymore, the bird certainly WAS ! (mehr von N425QX)
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G-VWOW "Cosmic Girl" climbing for another trip back to London. Especially dedicated to my friends Manas Barooah and Ben Wang. They'll know why. (mehr von G-VWOW)
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N784AN Morning fog humidity was still able to cause this beautiful halo. Short final rwy 24R. (mehr von N784AN)
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OO-TNG All white. See (my) picture of OO-TNF ID #957571 on July 6th 2010...and, here, there is more clearly a cargo door with a yellow dot line underneath. QC version on short final rwy 25L. (mehr von OO-TNG)
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ET-AMF East African visitor on short final rwy 25R. Hope R. VDB, overtalented airman, was Captain on that flight. Would be happy to send him more pictures if he gets in touch. (mehr von ET-AMF)
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N172AJ Gear doors still open ! Believe it or not : that N172AJ flew in the same morning as flight AA172 from JFK. Now leaving from rwy 25R, iniating a right turn on her assigned SID. (mehr von N172AJ)
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N153DL Flight DL124 from Atlanta Hartsfield, a few minutes early, on short final rwy 25R in the early morning light. (mehr von N153DL)
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N361AA Flight AA088 from Chicago O'Hare on short final rwy 25R in the early morning light. (mehr von N361AA)
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C-GTSF Short final rwy 25L. I am not a big fan of A310's but I found that they have a FMS and a navigation display, pretty similar to the 737/767. For transatlantic flights, it is certainly an asset ;-) (mehr von C-GTSF)


Email Autor Korrektur ID #957571 / 116 Aufrufe
OO-TNF All white c/s instead of orange/white. Short final rwy 25L. I don't know if every TNT 737 is a quick change (QC) plane but I tend to see a cargo door here, and according to some sources the plane was converted to QC in Tel Aviv in 2005. (mehr von OO-TNF)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #957499 / 64 Aufrufe
OO-JAT That white radome wasn't there when I took my last picture of the plane on June 15th some three weeks before this shot. Short final rwy 25L. (mehr von OO-JAT)
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LN-RPK Cute -700 on short final rwy 25L. Would you imagine that the small -700 can be the 737 with the longest operating range. In all business class (44 passengers only) Privatair flies Amsterdam to Houston ! (mehr von LN-RPK)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #957205 / 104 Aufrufe
OO-JAP JetAirFly's vice flagship with anonymous c/s since the common operation with Thomas Cook (JAF cockpit crew, mixed JAF and TCB cabin crew).. (mehr von OO-JAP)
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PH-EZI Fokker 70's have gone and we get this nice Embraer on short final rwy 25L. Flew in the same with United recently and I could cross my legs in economy class. Surprising. (mehr von PH-EZI)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #957196 / 36 Aufrufe
VP-BWK My first nice little Aeroflot in Belgium, I think. Short final rwy 25L. (mehr von VP-BWK)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #957191 / 117 Aufrufe
CS-TFZ More than surprising with this Portuguese reg. and XL titles. From HiFly, on lease, most probably. (mehr von CS-TFZ)
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A6-EYK Special marking : straight from Abu Dhabi, wearing the Formula 1 sticker of the local Grand Prix, Her Elegance on short final rwy 02. (mehr von A6-EYK)
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SX-DVV Special picture and marking (Acropolis museum). Short final rwy 25L. (mehr von SX-DVV)
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OY-KBL Watch out for the difference in the paint of the two engines caps. Short final rwy 25L. (mehr von OY-KBL)
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N653A Another of those -223 with winglets, out off rwy 25R. (mehr von N653A)
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N175UA New colors. Big bird climbing on runway heading (249) from rwy 25R to the Pacific. (mehr von N175UA)