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VH-OQC Paul Mc Ginness decelerates on runway 02L illuminated by the early morning sunshine. She arrives as QF32 from London with a further onward leg to Sydney. Sight as seen from my room at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. (mehr von VH-OQC)
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VH-OQK John, repainted in the current corporate livery, descends over Changi Business Park as QF35 from Melbourne. I will try to spot Reginald after the wind direction changes and the sun lights up Reginald just as nicely as it does for John now. (mehr von VH-OQK)
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VH-ZNC Despite being in service for 5 years, new in database. (mehr von VH-ZNC)
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VH-VXL VH-VXL taxiing on the taxiway, after arriving from Melbourne as QF685. (mehr von VH-VXL)
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VH-EBF first Qantas A330-200 freighter conversion at EFW, arrive from SIN (mehr von VH-EBF)
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VH-EBV Named 'City of Tamworth' was delivered to Qantas 06/09/1967. (The airline later operated a Boeing 747-338 also registered VH-EBV. and an Airbus A330-203 also registered VH-EBV) This Boeing 707 was sold to Zambia Airways (9J-AEL) 20/05/1977 and Trans Arabian (ST-ALP) 03/1989. She lives on as USAF E-8C J-Stars 92-3290, based at the 93rd ACW, Robbins AFB Georgia USA (mehr von VH-EBV)