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RA-85743 Another Tupolev departure from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport. This time, a TU154 of Moskovia (mehr von RA-85743)
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RA-85743 "Juri Sheffer" was a civil testpilot at Shukovski and also a reserve cosmonaut for the Buran. Later he died during his work as director of testpilots flight school Michail M. Gromov. (mehr von RA-85743)
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RA-85743 Taxi on the runway 32R. On a background climb B737-200 ITEK AIR, which in four days has crash at take-off from the airport Bishkek... :-( (mehr von RA-85743)


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RA-85743 A very nice visitor - serving 3x a week Moscow DME with Tivat in Montenegro - named "Juri Sefer" (mehr von RA-85743)
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RA-85743 Former Siberia Airlines & Atlant-Soyuz Airlines. Reverse thrust... Some seconds after landing on runway 14L (mehr von RA-85743)