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FU-20 52-7151. This plane crashed and being downgrade the 08/02/1965 in Florennes-Belgium (Yashica Minister D) (mehr von FU-20)
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26890 This Thunderstreak of the 110th Wing/348.Sqd. during one of the last take-off's. Shortly after that this type finished it's career in the Greek Air Force
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DC-101 The "Thunderstreak" was the first equipment of JaboG 33 when the German Air Force formed again after WWII. This exemplar is displayed as a gate-guardian at the main entry of B�chel AB (mehr von DC-101)
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FU-154 In Belgium, they have planes in the middle of the road :-) This F-84F is standing on a pole not so far from the base of Florennes. (mehr von FU-154)
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KR-A At the Defence Museum in Aalborg (Forsvarsmuseet) (mehr von KR-A)
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FU-154 This F-84 is placed on a pole near the base of Florennes (mehr von FU-154)
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FS571 (My dad took this photo during preparation for his mission on this bird during his training in the USA) (mehr von FS571)