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D-EALG s/n 558 WeFA Flug GmbH - The way of evolution. From water to land. Watch for the Slepcev "Storch" behind the Buccaneer. A resized Ultralight like the legendary Fieseler "Storch" on floats. Take off and landing distance of the "little Storch" below 30m. Stall speed ca. 26 kts. (mehr von D-EALG)
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D-EALG s/n 558 WeFA GmbH - Hohe Duene Naval Base Seaport - during Hanse Sail 2002. My first onboard experience with flying boats......nothing for beginners! :) (mehr von D-EALG)
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OK-MQJ The "Workhorse" for glider towing in Zbraslavice. (mehr von OK-MQJ)
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OK-PRO L200 Morava - first in Flugzeugbilder.de - painted in former CSA Aerotaxi Colors (late sixties) (mehr von OK-PRO)
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OK-MJP c/n151126 - Used from Aeroklub Zbraslavice for glider towing and parachute. Original Walter "Doris" engine. (mehr von OK-MJP)
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OK-MJP The first L60 Brigadyr in Flugzeugbilder.de! This plane is the onlyone with original Walter "Doris" engine. In service today for Aeroklub Zbraslavice (LKZB), Czech Republic. (mehr von OK-MJP)
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D-AICB Pushback and go ahead to 26R (mehr von D-AICB)
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First Canadair Challenger 604 LX-FBY picture in Flugzeugbilder.de database. Sorry for reflection.
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UR-42426 Pic.2/2 During flight - the cockpit, smallest place in this big plane - see also the FRA taxi scheme on overhead panel. (mehr von UR-42426)
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UR42426 T/O Preparations for a private Local Flight from FRAport. Rainy day. (mehr von UR42426)
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TC-JFC Turkish Airlines B737-800 "Diyarbakir" (mehr von TC-JFC)
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LZ-MIL from VIA....a Bulgarian Charter Company (mehr von LZ-MIL)
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LY-SBD "Dzkas". Watch for the empty Tetrapack lower left side. I had remove it. :) (mehr von LY-SBD)