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V2-LIC LIAT's inaugural ATR flight to Curacao, welcome!!! Good bye to the Dash-8 and hello to the ATR72-600!!! (mehr von V2-LIC)
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PH-AOL Today KLM had two flights of which this flight was the second one of the day using the A330-200. The A330-200 is just such a beautiful aircraft. (mehr von PH-AOL)
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F-OFDF Nice charter flight. I took this photo from the Mahuma Hill near the Civil Aviation Authorities. (mehr von F-OFDF)
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F-HBOY Two rarely seen aircraft types in Curacao are here in one picture :-) (mehr von F-HBOY)
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PT-MVC After a week in Curacao, TAM's A330 finally continues its ferry flight. (mehr von PT-MVC)
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N558CL This aircraft brought an A330 engine to the island to replace a broken engine. It's good to see this nice livery on the island. (mehr von N558CL)
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PJ-DAA DAE's first Fokker 100 wearing the airline's new livery. Nice low fly-by!!! (mehr von PJ-DAA)
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N261BC Another rare bird is this IBC Air ERJ145. Glad to have seen it. (mehr von N261BC)
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YV288T This is another aircraft that has avoided me at all cost in the past but not this time!!! (mehr von YV288T)
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N774LA I missed the LAN Cargo 777 Freighter several times before but have finally caught it now!!! Nice livery on a nice freighter!!! (mehr von N774LA)
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PT-MUE TAM flight JJ8094 coming a long way from Sao Paolo. The 777-300ER is very good looking in all liveries!!! (mehr von PT-MUE)
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N924DN Delta Airlines flight DL2073 arriving from Atlanta. I'm also very happy to have finally seen Delta Airlines' MD90 which is a very rare aircraft type to see (in operation). (mehr von N924DN)
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N337NB Delta Airlines flight DL923 arriving from New York La Guardia Airport. (mehr von N337NB)
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B-LJI Another very nice surprise for me was seeing the 747-800F for the first time. What a looong 747 that is and one that is very far away from home!!! (mehr von B-LJI)
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G-BNLR British Airways flight BA207 about 24 minutes late arriving from London Heathrow Airport. (mehr von G-BNLR)
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I-DISU Alitalia flight AZ630 almost an hour late arriving from Rome. Normally this flight is operated by the A330-200 but I'm guessing it was upgraded to the 777-200ER this time. I have no problem with that!!! (mehr von I-DISU)
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LV-ZPO Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1304 about an hour late arriving from Buenos Aires. This is the first time that I have seen an A340-200, nice!!! (mehr von LV-ZPO)
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VQ-BBE Good to see the nice Aeroflot livery. This is also my first time spotting one of their widebody aircraft. (mehr von VQ-BBE)
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N558CL We were number 4 in the waiting queue before departure and this nice looking Southern Air 747-400ERF was the first one, nice livery. I took this photo from my seat (MIA-CUR). (mehr von N558CL)
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N249BA All I can say is: WOW!!! I never imagined to have seen the Boeing Dreamlifter but here it is parked in front of me in Miami!!! Fantastic!!! (mehr von N249BA)
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N331QT Another nice brandnew A330-200 freighter of Tampa Cargo!!! New registration to the database. (mehr von N331QT)
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N400SA Southern Air has a lot of flights from Miami. This is one of their 747-400SF's on short finals, nice livery. (mehr von N400SA)