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SE-RHU An interesting fuel stop here in Curacao. (mehr von SE-RHU)
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HP-1728CMP This is my second Copa Airlines 737-800 photo wearing the Star Alliance livery. (mehr von HP-1728CMP)
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AE568 I tracked these Peru Navy Fokker 50's for months and finally they're here on fuel stop. (mehr von AE568)
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AE567 I tracked these Peru Navy Fokker 50's for months and finally they're here on fuel stop. (mehr von AE567)
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N807NN Yes, I now definately know that I like the new American Airlines livery. (mehr von N807NN)
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N760JB Demo-flight before the start of scheduled service from New York JFK. (mehr von N760JB)
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HI-869 Finally PAWA's DC-9 with the airline's new colors is out. (mehr von HI-869)
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PH-KVH Today, an airport emergency drill training was done at the airport. This aircraft was used for the drill and the fire to the right was also set up to simulate an aircraft incident. People acting as (injured) passengers would soon disembark the aircraft. (mehr von PH-KVH)
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P4-FKA A nice livery on a nice aircraft with a nice background. (mehr von P4-FKA)
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PJ-KVM This the second ex-Avianca Fokker 50 that Insel Air has nos taken over. Registration PJ-KVM. (mehr von PJ-KVM)
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PJ-KVL Insel Air's first Fokker 50. All their other Fokker 50's wear the colors of Insel Air Aruba. First photo!!! (mehr von PJ-KVL)
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PJ-MDB One of Insel Air's first MD80's is now also painted in the airline's new livery. It is seen here going back to the hangar after some testing. (mehr von PJ-MDB)
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N690AV Since Avianca received their first A319 with sharklets I was tracking this aircraft and finally it arrived here in Curacao. Those sharklets look nice on the A319 too and I now love the new Avianca livery!!! (mehr von N690AV)
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This is the new view of the terminal building at the Check-In Hall. The Check-In Hall has recently been closed to put air conditioning in the hall. You can see this to the right of the photo (the glass area). The building to the far left of this photo is the old terminal building. The Air Traffic Control Tower you can see in the middle of the photo.
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HK-4636 I was caught by surprise to see this airline with a new livery. You don't see a 727 getting a new airline livery that often anymore these days!!! Nice!!! (mehr von HK-4636)
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P4-FKA The first Fokker 70 for Insel Air arrived here in July but only recently received full painting into the colors of sister airline Insel Air Aruba. The aircraft is also re-registered from PJ-JCH to P4-FKA. The livery looks nice on the Fokker 70. (mehr von P4-FKA)
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N38950 As the weather conditions in Curacao were ideal again and Boeing was very satisfied with the previous tests they did here, they decided to come to Curacao again for testing but this time with an aircraft that has the General Electric engine. Welcome back!!! (mehr von N38950)
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PH-TFK Arke's first 787 being handled in Curacao at gate 5. (mehr von PH-TFK)
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PJ-JCH Insel Air's first Fokker 70 arrives in Curacao. They did a low fly by before arrival. This aircraft was previously operated by KLM Cityhopper and registered PH-JCH which in this case explains the new registration. Insel Air will paint the aircraft themselves but no timeframe is known yet. (mehr von PJ-JCH)
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PH-TFK Arkefly's first 787 flight to Curacao, just awesome!!! I was lucky to go on a short touring flight to Bonaire later this afternoon. (mehr von PH-TFK)