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HB-JMC is greeted by the Fire Brigade, bringing home the Swiss National Soccer Team from Istanbul after having qualified for the World Championship 2006. (mehr von HB-JMC)
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D-AIMG is awaiting the ATC clearance for test flight LH8930. The ground crew is waiting inside the van on this cold day. (mehr von D-AIMG)
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HS-TNA is producing some nice condensation and vortex while taking off from runway 16 on this misty day. (mehr von HS-TNA)
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EC-GZD is heading back to the maintenance area after a two hours check flight. (mehr von EC-GZD)
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HA-FAI is entering stand D04 after charter flight BPS1020 from Sarmellek/Balaton. (mehr von HA-FAI)
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ZS-PBI is doing engine test runs after engine number one had been changed. That car unfortunately never moved... (mehr von ZS-PBI)
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LZ-ASZ is roaring off runway 28 into the sunset. (mehr von LZ-ASZ)
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LZ-ASZ in brandnew striking colours is just taking off from runway 28 on flight VSR7373 to Rennes/France. Motion blur due to 1/60 sec. shutter speed. (mehr von LZ-ASZ)
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EX-062 is being loaded with 40 tons of relief goods for the earthquake victims in Pakistan. (mehr von EX-062)
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4K-AZ9 is taxiing in after a flight from Nice. The beacon light brings some colour into this otherwise very misty and dull day. (mehr von 4K-AZ9)
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F-WQUV is parked idle, awaiting engines back from the overhaul shop. (mehr von F-WQUV)
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F-WQUV has just arrived from Bordeaux. She will go to mexican lowcost newcomer ABC AerolŪneas SA. The registration was visible on portside only... :o( (mehr von F-WQUV)
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OE-LSB is taxiing into parking position after flight 3L 283 from Elba. (mehr von OE-LSB)
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OH-CJJ is waiting for customers at Inari Seaplane Base, Lake Inari. (mehr von OH-CJJ)
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OH-CHO c/n U20603634. ex N7364N. Waiting for customers at Inari Seaplane Base, Lake Inari. (mehr von OH-CHO)
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PH-BDY is lining up on runway 10 way out in the woods... :o) (mehr von PH-BDY)
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OE-LMD is still parked idle. The low sun makes the erased titles visible again. (mehr von OE-LMD)
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RA-85733 is taxiing for a runway 16 departure to Omsk for an ad-hoc charter flight. (mehr von RA-85733)
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J-5020 is leading a group of two F/A-18C and two F/A-18D on a low fly-by overhead Zurich Airport, celebrating the last day of jet operations at the near Dubendorf Air Base. (mehr von J-5020)
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TC-MNN is just touching down on runway 34 after flight LX6001 from Istanbul at 7.25am. (mehr von TC-MNN)
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HB-IPT and others are parked at Pier A while a Lufthansa A320 is lining up on runway 28. The sun came out quickly between thunderstorms. (mehr von HB-IPT)