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HB-JMH is about to complete delivery flight LX7001 from Toulouse on runway 14 in a split second. (mehr von HB-JMH)
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ZS-SLE is hitting runway 34, completing flight SA274 from Johannesburg. (mehr von ZS-SLE)
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YR-BGA How many aircraft do you count? (mehr von YR-BGA)
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D-ABBN is holding short of runway 28, north side, for flight AB8683 to Hamburg. (mehr von D-ABBN)
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HB-IJH is another aircraft that was ferried to Lemwerder for storage after Swissair's collapse, and recently returned to Zurich for a major overhaul. It was seen at the maintenance area, still in basic Swissair colours and in a rather sorry appearance. She is now reportedly for Turkish Airlines. (mehr von HB-IJH)
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OE-ITA seen here landing on runway 14 after flight JAF037 from Nice. The grass desperately needs a cut...! (mehr von OE-ITA)
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N384AA Slightly late AA038 from Dallas is about to land on runway 14 in front of the excellent visible Alps - some 50 miles away! (mehr von N384AA)
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N208KS A plane on floats is a very rare sight here! About to land on runway 14. (mehr von N208KS)
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HB-IOL LX345 from London LHR is about to land on runway 16 at Zurich Ski Resort :o)) (mehr von HB-IOL)
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ZS-SNF is burning rubber on runway 34 after flight SA274 from Johannesburg. Note the odd looking angle of the centre main gear! (mehr von ZS-SNF)
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ZS-SNF is seen on short finals to runway 34 after flight SA274 from Johannesburg. (mehr von ZS-SNF)
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PH-RXB is seen taxiing to its parking position from the rooftop of Pier A, a location not accessible to the public. (mehr von PH-RXB)
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A4O-OMN After brief visits at Geneva and Vienna, Zurich was also on the list... (mehr von A4O-OMN)
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LZ-BTZ Bulgaria's governmental plane for once carried normal passengers climbing off runway 28 on flight FB492 to Sofia. (mehr von LZ-BTZ)
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N880G on short finals to runway 14 after a flight from Vienna. (mehr von N880G)
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G-DUOC is approaching runway 14, completing flight VB370 from Edinburgh. (mehr von G-DUOC)
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HB-JRB is seen on short final to runway 14 shortly after sunset, completing flight SAZ352 from Antalya. (mehr von HB-JRB)
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VH-PPD taken from my office window... (mehr von VH-PPD)
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OE-LAX Eye to eye with flight OS5979 to Phuket. (mehr von OE-LAX)
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EI-CVB After more than three years of absence, Aer Lingus have restarted service between Dublin and Zurich. Their A320 EI-CVB made the inaugural flight EI342 from Dublin and was seen taxiing towards the parking position while being saluted by the Zurich Airport Firebrigade. (mehr von EI-CVB)
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7T-VHG is approaching runway 14, completing flight AH2700 from Algiers. (mehr von 7T-VHG)
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N754SE is seen among many other corporate jets on a busy day. (mehr von N754SE)