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RA-64059 Russian officials arriving to Edinburgh for COP26. (mehr von RA-64059)
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RA-96019 Flight RSD008 from UUWW clear to land rwy 16R with Anton Siluanov Minister of Finance of Russia on board for the G20 Summit. (mehr von RA-96019)
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RA-96022 Rossiya Air Force One landing rwy 22 with Vladimir Putin on board for summit with Joe Biden. (mehr von RA-96022)
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RA-96017 Russian delegation landing rwy 22 for Biden - Putin summit. (mehr von RA-96017)
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RA-73026 Russian delegation landing rwy 04 for Biden - Poutine summit. (mehr von RA-73026)


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RA-96019 Rare visit to Prague of Special Russian Governmet Aircraft, maybe for a long time the last one because in Prague are no more much diplomats of Russia - currently on board the last part of extradicted diplomats. (mehr von RA-96019)
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RA-96019 Rare visit to Prague of Special Russian Government Flight for extradicted russian diplomats with IL96 which is no more used for public transport (mehr von RA-96019)