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N692FE FedEx heavy A300 completing its duty with the arrival on runway 27. (mehr von N692FE)
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N792AS Another first for pp.net: Alaska Airlines brought the world’s largest king salmon - stretching 120 feet and weighing in at 140,000 pound - into town. The “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon,” sporting the glimmering image of a wild Alaska king salmon, is among the world’s most intricately painted commercial airplanes. Complete with shiny scales, a dorsal fin and gills, the livery on the Alaska 737 pax aircraft is the result of a dedicated team of 30 painters working nearly nonstop for 24 days. (mehr von N792AS)
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TG-BAS Las Lagrimas is a military border control station with an unpaved airstrip. It is used by private and small charter aircrafts because it lies just 15km sw of the Maya ruins of Copan (Honduras). (mehr von TG-BAS)
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LV-DPB Soaring over San Andrés de Giles, I think I need to wax my legs! (mehr von LV-DPB)