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CS-TGU Short after departure from LIS to PDL (mehr von CS-TGU)
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CS-TGU Cabin view of the A 310. (mehr von CS-TGU)
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CS-TGU left turn towards Acores after leaving LIS (mehr von CS-TGU)
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CS-TKJ "Pico", named after the second largest island of the Azores, gathers speed on rwy 26L. (mehr von CS-TKJ)
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HB-ICN Only few charter flights, coming in for the numerous international fairs and exhibitions in DŘsseldorf, make a night stop like this Super Caravelle. SATA.operated a fleet of five Caravelles and three DC-8┤s in the late ┤70s. (mehr von HB-ICN)
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HB-IDS "Ville de Lausanne" is leaving Lohausen after a nightstop on one of the several Air India Cargo flights operated by chartered airliners into DUS from 1976 onwards.. HB-IDS spent most of her life operating cargo flights, also for Trans International and Transamerica AL, Flying Tigers and after conversion to DC-8-73CF standard for UPS. (mehr von HB-IDS)