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N579UW The special livery from American A321 Allegheny, taxing morning in track 8 (mehr von N579UW)
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N581UW The new special livery Piedmont A321 From American (mehr von N581UW)
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N554JB New special livery from JetBlue in short final (mehr von N554JB)
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N572UP This spotting location is in Isla Verde, where the Chillis restaurant is. Many spotters call it the chillis parking lot. It is a parking lot with 11 floors where you can go up to the top floor and take good images of any approach that goes towards runway 8 since it is close to runway 8 of the SJU airport. The mountain ranges of this spotting location are 18.44219� N, 66.01780� O a well-recommended spot in the summer. Here is an example of how close the approach of a plane is when it approaches runway 8 from this spotting location. ups B747 on an excellent afternoon on its approach to runway 8. highly recommended this spotting location in summer (mehr von N572UP)
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N662QX Another special livery from Alaska horizon taxing morning in runway 8 (mehr von N662QX)
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N615FR New frontier A321NX Manuel the squirrel monkey livery in short final on golden hour (mehr von N615FR)
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N661QX The special livery E175LR ( Washington State Cougars) from Alaska horizon in short final approaching on runway 8 (mehr von N661QX)
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HP-1841CMP The special livery copa 75 a�os taxing on runway 8 at golden hours on sju (mehr von HP-1841CMP)
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EC-MOY A330 Iberia in final Approaching at golden hour moment in sju. (mehr von EC-MOY)
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N605FR Edward The bold eagle the second A321NX from frontier taxing on golden hours in sju (mehr von N605FR)
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