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The original full scale Boeing SST cockpit completely and beautifully restored at the Hiller Aviation Museum. What an amazing concept, designed to rival the Concorde and the TU-144. Never made it to reality! [Nikon D3]
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G-AWNG The first class cabin on this beautifully restored nose [Nikon D3] (mehr von G-AWNG)
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G-AWNG One of the few places in the world where you can seat on the cockpit of a B747 and play with the controls. This a/c was delivered to BOAC on 8th Sept, 1971. It was scrapped at Roswell in 1999. After that the nose section was trucked to SQL to be a part of the Hiller Aviation Museum [Nikon D3] (mehr von G-AWNG)


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54-4001 This beautifully restored H-21B flying at the 2002 Vertical Challenge Airshow at the Hiller Aviation Museum. (mehr von 54-4001)